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S*Zygot's Dal-Bello

Female born on : 28.03.2008
Color: blue silver mackerel tabby and white (as 09 23)

Father: CH. S*Zygot's Sham Sharang - n 02 21
Mother: S*Pax Beatissime - n 23

Titles: 2x BIV (1x BIV-T) - 1x NOM

Health: /

Genotype : A+ T+ Ii+ Ss+ w+w+ ddO+O+

And here comes straight from Sweden, the beautiful Dal-Bello with this look that we appreciate so much. Big size, a marvelous quality of fur, endless ears with great lynx tufts ! A prestigious pedigree and a character to melt the most hardened ! Thank you Annika for this sweetheart.



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