Our cats

IC. Indira of Simchat*CH

Female born on: 17.03.2001
Color: black mackerel tabby and white (n 09 23)

Father: WW'98 GIC. Narya le Grand des Feux d'Aurès*F
Mother: CH. Sweeson's Pomone*F - n 09

Titles: Championne Internationale

Health: GSD IV negativ

Genotype: A+a T+_ D+d i+i+ S_ w+w+ O+O+

A large, robust and well-boned cat. Daughter of World Winner Narya le Grand Feux d'Aurès*FR, she combines a classic look, opulent fur and a soft character, a bit exclusive. At the age of 8, she has just given us her last litter.



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