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S*Mar'Michel's Kon-Tiki

Neuter female born on: 01.05.2000
Color: tortie mackerel tabby and white (f 09 23)

Father: EC. DK*Silverwood's Big Brown Bastian - n 23
Mother: IC. S*Tauron's Riga - g 09 23

Titles: /

Genotype: Aa+_T+tb D+d i+i+ Ss+ w+w+ OO+

Swedish and Danish pedigree, very interesting and little known lines here. Robust cat with a very dense coat, excellent mother.



Tribute to Kon-Tiki

Goodbye my very dear and faithful companion S*Mar'Michel's Kon-Tiki !
05.01.2000 - 06.12.2016
You left among your companions, at home, at my side, quiet, in your image. Thank you for everything you have shared during all these years! Thank you for the kittens you gave us, and the excellent mother you were. I say goodbye to you because you will stay close to me! I love you !

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