The Norwegian and me

Why I choosed Norwegian Forest Cats

After having lived in the company of Persian, Siamese, Sacred Birma and Maine Coons, I learned about the Norwegian forest cat who already had for me a wonderful charisma.

Every day it gives me the satisfaction of wonder.

This breed of cat has conquered me by its impressive and wild look, robust and endowed with a balanced temper, its wild and sweet look cannot leave me indifferent. For me it is a dog cat, which is present in your daily occupations. He is not afraid of dogs and behaves very well with children.

Portrait of the breed

The Norwegian is a very intelligent and sensitive cat, docile, tolerant, calm and stable mood. In daily life, he is much closer to the temperament of dogs than to their feline relatives. Enjoy the company of other animals by sometimes becoming the inseparable companion of the family dog. Loves people, adults or children, loves parties, getting spoiled and caressed.

He is a good climber and likes to show his supremacy. It is a very elegant cat, with high legs, a heavy bone structure and semi-long hairs. He likes to be high, so a cat tree or high furniture are essential to observe the world around him. They are also hunters, so they like to play, even as adults.

Endowed with unusual intelligence and curiosity, he stealthily follows the owners, investigating all their activities with the greatest interest. He is always where the owners are, and likes to receive visitors at the door.

Adventurous and playful, the Norwegian Forest Cat is an active animal who enjoys walking outdoors. Some even claim that the cat is capable of fishing.

Because of his adventurous instinct, it is important to protect your windows and balconies with proper fences so that he can live happily and safely.

Hair has a seasonal cycle. During the cold months, the woolly undercoat is covered with a second layer of rugged and waterproof long hair that protects it from the harsh climate of the Scandinavian forests. During the warmer months, this second layer falls, giving this cat a coat adapted to the weather conditions. The hair that grow during the cold months form an imposing frill which is one of the specific aspects of the breed. Contrary to expectations, the Norwegian’s mid-length hairs are very easy to treat and it is advisable to brush them once a week to eliminate dead hairs, stimulate their renewal, prevent the formation of knots, etc.

These cats have a slow maturation and some can reach adulthood only at 4 years.

The Norwegian is the domestic feline closest to the appearance of a lynx, which will soon leave an inevitable mark to any connoisseur.

For those who want to have a pet cat, with a lot to offer to its owner, the Norwegian is certainly the ideal.
- Ideal for any type of family
- Cat trees are essential
- Gardens, windows or balconies must be protected.
- Hair of a seasonal cycle
- Brushing once a week

Here are a few characteristics

Its head is inscribed in an equilateral triangle.

Its ears are high and open, with a good width at the base so that the lines of the ears follow the line of the head up to the jaw.

Its eyes are oblique, almond-shaped; which gives it a waking expression, they must not be round.

Its legs high on legs, the hind legs are higher than the forelegs.

Its tail is long and full, it must reach at least the shoulder blades.

Its fur is half-long, more abundant according to the times of the year, they develop a beautiful collar and panties.

The undercoat
is woolly, covered with a waterproof coat..

A long time ago, in a distant and enchanted norwegian forest, lived magical creatures with an unparalleled charm: the Norwegian forest cats.
Legend tells of a goddess called Freya who decided to create a special being who embodied the wild beauty and grace of the surrounding nature. Freya was fascinated by the mystery of the Norwegian forests and she wanted her gift to be able to survive and thrive there.

So, with her enchanted magic, Freya took some shooting stars, some moonlight and the breath of the wind dancing through the trees and with these powerful energies, she delicately fashioned the first Norwegian forest cat. Every detail was lovingly cared for: a thick, waterproof coat, sturdy legs for climbing trees, large ears for listening to nature's whispers, and a long, furry tail for balancing gracefully in the branches.
Once the Norwegian Forest Cat was created, she came to life and found herself to be an affectionate companion, but also independent and adventurous. He was a skilled hunter, who knew how to move stealthily among the branches of the trees, surprising his prey with agility and dexterity. These enchanted cats became guardians of the forest, protectors of its secrets and creatures.

Over time, Norwegian Forest cats endeared themselves to the inhabitants of the region, who welcomed them into their homes and considered them part of the family. It was said that the touch of a Norwegian forest cat brought good luck and prosperity, and that their purrs had the power to heal and soothe the sadness of the soul.

Even today, Norwegian Forest cats continue to captivate with their enchanting beauty and affectionate nature. They are a living reminder of the love and magic Freya poured into their creation.

Copyright : Karine Pedrona (translated from italian)

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