Our cats

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Our males

CH Denune Jakobusland*ES

CH S*Viento's Farfalle

Ebonite of Simchat*CH

Our females

CH S*Viento's Tikka Masala
GIC Udaya Unissa of Simchat*CH

Abby of Simchat*CH


Malina de L'Anse des Pins

PT*Farfallina Tree Alice

Gucci of Simchat*CH

Tribute to those who disappeared on November 7, 2010 in the fire who destroyed our home!

Sarkis of Simchat*CH

Nadounia of Simchat*CH

Peggy of Simchat*CH

Ophély de Chatssel*CH

Tina Turner of Simchat*CH

Stéphanie of Simchat*CH

Indira of Simchat*CH

Here are the cats who participated in the success of my breeding ... Thank you!

Karim of Simchat*CH

Nurit White Majesty*CH

Karmelle of Simchat*CH

S*Zygot's Dal-Bello

Lives with his son Ulul.

IC DK*Rebicat's Wind of Change

Lives with his son.

In heaven

WW'98 GIC.
Narya le Grand
des Feux d'Aurès*F

After a lot of stress. Narya was held for many days before being released. Meowing I found him with worn claws. He died a few months later. The autopsy revealed sudden death.

F*Sweeson's Pomone

Missing from her adopted family. Maybe she chose another house?

Feanör the Eldar av Skara Brae*CH

One day never returned to his family living near a forest where he loved to go hunting!
S*Mar'Michel's Kon-Tiki

She passed away at the dawn of her 17 years.

Madison of Simchat*CH

Our male, neutered since September 2011, passed away in July 2014 from pancreatitis.

Héloïse of Simchat*CH

Lives with her mom Ganisha at my friends place. She passed away on July 13, 2017.

GIC Ganisha av Skara Brae*CH

Lives with her daughter Héloïse at my friends place.
She passed away on September 12, 2016.

Urkana av Skara Brae*CH

She passed away on October 16, 2017.


CH Dune of Simchat

She passed away on July 23, 2019.


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